What We Offer


Due Diligence:  Compilation of relevant land use information, identification of site design constraints (both physical and political), and development of conceptual sketch designs to determine realistically achievable development yields for a potential site in order to assist a client with realistic “go” or “no go” decisions and/or to provide rationales in support of ongoing purchase contract price negotiations.

Project Management:  Oversight and documentation of project details, development of supporting application materials, and navigation of projects through local regulatory and political review processes in order to obtain zoning entitlements.

Site Design:  Preparation of site designs that acknowledge key site constraints, our client’s goals and objectives, and conform with community design standards.  We design with all three dimensions in mind, including the fourth dimension of Time.

Landscape Design:  Development of both conceptual and detailed landscape plans with a specialty in species selection that “grows into place” instead of “hacked into place”, with an eye to easier maintenance.

Presentation Graphics:  Production of eye-catching color graphics and exhibits in order to effectively illustrate key development issues and features, including preparation of post-approval marketing graphics.

Digital Models:  Construction of digitally-rendered site models for realistic 3-D graphic exhibits that quickly demonstrate to neighborhoods and political bodies what your site constraints may be and how your proposed development program and site design responds to those constraints from any number of exterior views, answering the frequent question of “so what will I see from my point of view?”.

Communication / Documentation:  Ability to articulate complex processes and key issues to a wide variety of audiences in very understandable verbal, written, and/or graphical formats.

Meeting Facilitator:  From internal project meetings with other project team consultants, to organizing and conducting neighborhood information meetings and design charrettes, we craft win-win approaches to the problem at hand.

Condemnation Lawsuits:  Collaborative strategic partners in the development of alternative development scenarios, the provision of expert analysis and testimony, and the preparation of supporting written materials and graphic exhibits.