American Planning Association

Skills of a successful Land Planner

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Skills of a successful planner:

(Source: American Planning Association)

  • Understands spatial relationships, physical design, and how cities work

  • Ability to research and analyze information on a wide variety of topics (population, employment, environment, transportation, stormwater, etc.)

  • Master of techniques for involving a wide range of people in making decisions

  • Understanding of local, state and federal government programs and processes

  • Ability to communicate and coordinate with engineers, architects, surveyors, realtors, and a variety of other professional consultants

  • Understanding of the social and environmental impact of planning decisions on communities

  • Ability to work with the public and articulate planning issues to a wide variety of audiences

  • Ability to function as a mediator or facilitator when conflicts occur

  • Understanding of the legal foundation for land use regulation

  • Ability to solve problems using a balance of technical competence, creativity and strategic thinking

  • Ability to envision alternative scenarios, identify and weigh advantages and disadvantages, and to develop and pursue win-win solutions when applicable.

  • Understanding of geographic information systems and office productivity software.